Optimized Engineering Design


At Serietec, it is our passion to transform dreams into reality.

Our services range from quick digital prototyping, extensive design optimizations all the way to building real-life prototypes.

Currently we offer these services in product design as well as logistics/planning design problems.


Computer Aided Design

Create, analyse and improve a virtual design of any product.

Topology Optimization

Optimize the design based on loads, boundary conditions and constraints.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Simulate the behavior of systems, processes and equipment which involve the flow of gases, liquids and thermal systems.

Operations Research

Model business problems based on mathematical formulations, create insight and choose between the best possible outcomes.

Logistics Simulations

Experiment with different settings of a supply chain or process without intervening with any business operations.

3D Prototyping

Choose to use our prototype facilities and see your design come to live.